Momo, wonton, roll Wrapper maker

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This machine has multiple shape models to choose from The model can be shipped according to the diameter size you need So after you make the payment, please contact me through AliExpress, You are about to leave a message to me, or remark when placing an order Is the product you want to get a square model or a round model And the relative diameter of the model Available sizes and specifications(Available for purchase) 60MM/65MM/70MM/ 75MM/80MM/85MM/90MM Leather shape: round, square, special shape Product voltage: 110V/220V Packing size: 42*36*35cm Product power: 140W Product weight: 20KG The machine has a vent/Reasonable design, Good heat dissipation/Waterproof switch Round dumplings are generally thick in the middle and thin on the sides The thickness of the middle and two sides of the square dumpling skin is the same If you do not leave a message, we will configure the size at will (round diameter80 or square 90) The maximum size of the machine can only be 90MM. The diameter of more than 90MM needs to be replaced.


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